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We have been proud members of SCBWI since our company was founded in 2009. We enjoy speaking at national and regional SCBWI conferences and at chapter meetings. 

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"Sarah and Barbara were a conference organizer's dream duo. Their enthusiasm, attention to detail, deep knowledge, and wide-ranging experience made them two of our attendees' favorite speakers. In addition, attendees raved about the individual feedback they received during marketing consultations. Overall, a joy to work with!" 

Deborah Topolski, Regional Advisor, SCBWI Illinois, and Sara Shacter, Assistant Regional Advisor, SCBWI Illinois

"We recently had the privilege of hosting Sarah Shealy and Barbara Fisch of Blue Slip Media at our annual Writers’ Day and could not have been more pleased with their performance. They are easy to work with, timely, and organized—a perfect example of when one plus one equals three. Their presentation on publicity and marketing was not only informative and well-prepared, it was enlightening. Here are two industry professionals who have the insider info today’s children’s book authors crave. Their First Looks session, which examined web pages, brought praises from all who attended from the pre-published to the seasoned veteran. I cannot recommend these two more highly." — Mary Ann Fraser, Regional Advisor, SCBWI Central-Coastal California

"We thoroughly enjoyed having Sarah Shealy and Barbara Fisch from Blue Slip Media at our conference. Their presentations gave us good, meaty info to chew on, and both Sarah and Barbara were friendly, approachable, and helpful. They offered marketing and publicity evaluations for published or upcoming books or even manuscripts not yet under contract. They gave very thought-out evaluations. One of our members mentioned that for her evaluation, Blue Slip Media even looked up magazines in that member's local area where she could submit a press release."

—Kristi Valiant, Regional Advisor, SCBWI Indiana

"Barbara Fisch and Sarah Shealy from Blue Slip Media were an absolute delight to work with, their publicity plan consultations were amazing, and our attendees were extremely happy with their breakout sessions as well. (They did two different session for us—both in the published professionals track.) I can't recommend them highly enough." 
—Laurie Thompson, Co-Regional Advisor, SCBWI Western Washington

Workshop topics include:

  • Thinking Like a Publicist: Determining Your Target Markets and How to Reach Them 
  • The Basics and Beyond: Building Your Marketing and Publicity Toolbox
  • Niche Publicity and Marketing—How to Tap Unusual Markets
  • Publicity 101: The Basics for New Authors
  • Tapping into the Educational Market

We also offer one-on-one publicity evaluations for authors during conferences, and marketing/publicity evaluations of manuscripts at any time. Please contact us for more information and a quote on this service.

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