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At Blue Slip Media, we specialize in publicity and marketing services for the trade children’s book industry. In a business climate where publicity and marketing resources at major publishing houses are stretched thin, we offer expertise in crafting effective press releases, targeted mailing lists, niche and local market outreach, and event planning to create comprehensive campaigns for print and online media. With over 20 years experience (each!) in the industry, we know the market well and enjoy working in tandem with authors, artists, and publishers to maximize a book’s reach.

Why the name Blue Slip Media?

Children's Book Publicity and Marketing Professionals 

Back in the days before reengineering, before people were concerned about mice moving cheese around and we learned highly effective habits, supervisors at Harcourt Brace Jovanovich gave employees "blue slips" when they did something extraordinary. The blue slip was placed in the employee’s personnel file. As HBJ transitioned to Harcourt Brace & Company and then to Harcourt, the blue slip system fell by the wayside, but we continued to use the phrase as a metaphor for a job well done. In our minds, a blue slip is a marker of excellence and an homage to our early days in publishing.

A Blue Slip, ca. 1992