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"Selling myself and my work is not my strong suit, and so I knew from the beginning that I would need a great publicist to help launch my debut mg novel We Could Be Heroes. I am so glad I hired Blue Slip Media. In coordination with my publisher’s marketing department, they were able to do all of things I am so bad at! They successfully pitched the book to a long list of online book reviewers, garnering me one great review after another from teachers, librarians, parents, and mg book lovers. Likewise, since the book deals with autism and epilepsy, they came up with numerous creative ideas for getting the book in front of the members of those communities, and they also created the most adorable common-core aligned discussion guide, making it super easy for teachers to bring the book into their classrooms. Finally, Barbara and Sarah were just so easy to work with! They were reliable, timely communicators who always kept me apprised of all their PR efforts. I will definitely be hiring them for my next book!"

Margaret Finnegan

Author, We Could Be Heroes


"It only took me 25 years of writing children’s books to consider hiring a publicist, but my experience of working with Sarah and Barbara proved to me that authors need people like them— to open doors for their books, provide guidance and navigation, and also—cheerleading! I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sarah and Barbara, and looked forward to every correspondence.  They are hard working, creative in their brainstorming, and personable—and the service they provide is worth every penny and then some. They know their audiences, and have the savvy and experience needed to pave a way from a finished book into a reader’s hands. They created all sorts of happy buzz for my book, Kaia and the Bees. Thank you, Blue Slip Media!!"

Maribeth Boelts

Author, Kaia and the Bees


"Barbara and Sarah were amazing to work with for the launch of Dream Big, Little Scientists. With their connections and creativity, they extended the reach of my launch campaign well beyond my own abilities. They were wonderful communicators, and, more importantly, cheerleaders. They boosted by confidence as well as my sales."

Michelle Schaub

Author, Dream Big, Little Scientists


"I will be forever grateful to Blue Slip Media for bringing my book If I Were a Park Ranger into the social media spotlight with their carefully coordinated blog campaign (including giveaways). The adorable Activity Guide the company designed has been a hit at my book signings and other author events--the final product exceeded my expectations! Thank you, Sarah and Barbara, for your kindness, professionalism and guidance. It was a joy to celebrate the launch of my new book with Blue Slip Media cheering me on!"

Catherine Stier

Author, If I Were a Park Ranger


"Blue Slip Media helped make the debut of Tough Cookie: A Christmas Story my most successful picture book launch to date, and I plan on using them for all of the books I write/illustrate in the future. I can't recommend them highly enough."   

Edward Hemingway

Author/illustrator, Tough Cookie: A Christmas Story


"What a comfort it has been to have two seasoned guides at my side—arranging blog tours and signings, pitching me for festivals and conferences, coordinating with my publisher, and offering wide-ranging advice. Barbara and Sarah are enthusiastic, cheerful, prompt, thorough, and know their stuff right down to the ground. I know that Journey of the Pale Bear will reach many more readers because of their good work."

Susan Fletcher

Author, Journey of the Pale Bear


"​I worked with Sarah and Barbara long ago when I had books published by Harcourt and they were the amazing publicity team there, so of course I thought of them immediately when I wanted to put some pizzazz behind the launch of my new very different picture book, What Do They Do with All That Poo? I was not disappointed. Terrific team . . . just what we authors need behind us." 

Jane Kurtz

Author, What Do They Do with All That Poo?


"What a complete joy it has been to work with Barbara and Sarah on Bone Soup. I cannot thank both of them enough for their creativity, expertise, experience, and diligence. I know this brought the book to many, many more readers than I could have ever expected and I am grateful."

Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Author, Bone Soup


"We hired Sarah and Barbara because we had two debut picture books launching one month apart and were feeling overwhelmed. They seamlessly worked with our publisher’s marketing team to make sure their efforts did not overlap. Blue Slip arranged multiple blog posts and interviews, made adorable promotional materials, an activity kit, and press materials. Their knowledge of the industry and understanding of how to market to the appropriate audience was always spot on. Their communication style was excellent, keeping us posted every step of the way. With Blue Slip, we truly felt like we had a partner in the process, and even more importantly, they really seemed invested in both us and our book. Sarah and Barbara are an invaluable resource for new or established authors. We will definitely use them again in the future!"

Beckie Cattie and Tara Luebbe

Authors, I Am Famous


"Sarah and Barb are truly amazing publicists! They’ve helped me with my last four children’s books, and knocked the ball out of the park every time.  They are professional, responsive, creative, resourceful, and fun! They even lined up a speaking engagement for me at the Library of Congress for my last book – it doesn’t get better than that!  And for my book tour, they orchestrated every detail.  I felt like they were along with me every step of the way. I would unhesitatingly recommend them to other authors!"

Jeanne Walker Harvey

Author, Maya Lin: Artist-Architect of Light and Lines


"Barbara and Sarah were invaluable in launching both PUG MEETS PIG and PUG & PIG TRICK-OR-TREAT. Their knowledge, networks, creativity, enthusiasm, and professionalism boosted both books and also helped my confidence! I’ll definitely work with them again, it was well worth the cost."

Sue Lowell Gallion

Author, Pug Meets Pig and Pug & Pig Trick-or-Treat


"Barbara and Sarah covered all the bases in getting the word out in support of my book. They came highly recommended and did not disappoint. I have four more picture books under contract, and will be using their services again and again and again and again. Good people!"

Barry Wittenstein

Author, The Boo-Boos That Changed the World


"​Simply put, Barbara and Sarah made my life simpler while launching my new books. They setup efficient blog tours, created adorable marketing materials, produced top-notch curriculum guides, arranged numerous book festival to fit my needs, and kept an eye out for additional opportunities to promote my titles. They responded quickly and honestly to all my communications. I can't recommend them enough!"

Stacy McAnulty

Author, Earth: My First  4.54 Billion Years


"I am so grateful to Sarah and Barbara for all they've done for my newest middle grade. I truly felt like they cared about my book, and I loved everything they did from the blog posts to the curriculum guide to the wonderful puzzle postcard. I feel like my book got a big boost out into the world, and I've been so happy with the reception. Blue Slip Media is awesome!"

Jennifer Maschari

Author, Things That Surprise You


"Barbara and Sarah bring to bear a wealth of experience and a depth of knowledge about the wild world of book promotion.  They’re conscientious, good communicators, and easy to work with.  I highly recommend their services.”

Bruce Hale

Author, The Curse of the Were-Hyena


"Barbara and Sarah have been delightful to work with, and we were thrilled with how the release went! My book got a much, much better boost into the world because of their expert help and support."

Jennifer Trafton

Author, Henry and the Chalk Dragon


"It was such a pleasure working with Sarah and Barbara. I greatly appreciated their responsiveness to all my many questions and concerns and for always keeping me involved when I wanted to be and un-involved when I needed to be. I found the campaign to be clearly communicated and professionally executed every step of the way. I hope we can work together again soon."

Jean Reidy

Author, Busy Builders, Busy Week!


"If you don't have time or energy for book promotion, call Blue Slip. If you don't even know how to start thinking about book promotion, call Blue Slip. Most of all, if you want book promotion to be a joyous collaboration with two of the best people in the business, who will care about your book as much as you do and make every minute of working together totally fun, call Sarah and Barbara today!"

Claudia Mills

Author, The Nora Notebooks series and Franklin School Friends series


"It truly was a pleasure to have Sarah and Barbara on my team when launching Ghostlight. They set up a blog tour, pitched me for festivals and conferences, and put together a fantastic curriculum guide. Better yet, they answered questions, solved problems, and generally kept me sane during the crazy days of introducing this story to the world. Their combination of expertise and empathy made such a difference, and I would be thrilled to work with them again!"

Sonia Gensler

Author, Ghostlight


"I loved working with Blue Slip. Sarah and Barbara are incredibly kind, creative, and knowledgable. Working with them on Elwood Bigfoot’s launch was a true joy. Will I hire them again? Definitely!"

Jill Esbaum
Author, Elwood Bigfoot, Wanted: Birdie Friends

"If you’re looking for publicists who are wow-worthy – meaning: professional, creative, enthusiastic, experienced, flexible, and fun – then I have three little words for you: Blue Slip Media. I’ve been a children’s book author for 30 years, and have always done my own publicity/promotion. Not any more!  Barb and Sarah made my life So. Much. Easier. They set up a ten-day blog tour for me…created a kid-friendly activity guide for schools, libraries and book stores…sent out email blasts to booksellers throughout California…designed Poems for Your Pocket cards as giveaways…and, through the entire campaign, were prompt, supportive, and cheerful. Too, they saved me time and energy that I was then able to use for other important things – such as writing and the occasional catnap!  Did I love working with them?  Absolutely. Would I hire them again? You betcha!" 

Lee Wardlaw

Author, Won Ton and Chopstick: A Dog and Cat Tale Told in Haiku


"Barbara and Sarah have an insiders’ knowledge of the publishing world, combined with their upbeat enthusiasm, quick responses, original suggestions and focus on quality. Whether they’re setting up a blog tour (the one they arranged for me was so much fun!), brainstorming ideas for niche marketing, connecting with teacher/librarian-interest magazines and websites, or designing postcards to send to booksellers and distribute at conventions, the Blue Slip team is fantastic. In my experience, the quality of their work is exceptional and they really enjoy what they do: connecting authors and books with new audiences. I highly recommend Blue Slip Media to middle-grade authors seeking to promote their books in fresh and innovative ways."

Christine Brodien-Jones
Author, The Owl Keeper, The Scorpions of Zahir, and The Glass Puzzle

"Blue Slip was invaluable in raising the visibility of my books.  I work full time, and it was great to know somebody else was doing all the leg work - setting up a blog tour, giveaways, and conference bookings. They worked closely with my publisher to coordinate a successful launch."

Lisa Doan
Author, Jack at the Helm

"Barbara and Sarah were crucial to the launch of Infinity and Me. They reached out to math and science museums, national educator conferences, and math associations. They helped me develop a curriculum guide, a promotional card, and arranged guest blog posts. They are nurturing, smart, and savvy--a real class act. In addition, they are also delightful people. I honestly can't imagine doing a book without them."

Kate Hosford
Author, Infinity and Me

"A thousand blue slips for Barbara and Sarah!  It was a joy to work with them, and they were always kind and generous, extremely informative and amazingly efficient. The list of things they did for my book is long and wonderful--all neatly enumerated in a report sent to me after the campaign. They organized a comprehensive blog tour, pitches to magazines and reviewers, an email blast to bookstores, and a terrific activity kit for my novel, and more. I'm proud to have the kit, and links to the blog interviews on my web site!"

Joanne Rocklin
Author, The Five Lives of Our Cat Zook

"Barbara Fisch and Sarah Shealy of Blue Slip Media are gems of the rarest order. I am delighted with all they did to get my middle grade novel, The Grand Plan to Fix Everything, noticed in such a crowded, competitive marketplace. I am not one of those who naturally embraces promotion. They made it all doable and even enjoyable. They held my virtual hand throughout, communicated clearly, coordinated seamlessly with the publicity department at Atheneum, and offered me options I never would have thought of on my own. I am so glad that I decided to invite them to be a part of my Grand Plan for this book."

Uma Krishnaswami
Author, The Grand Plan to Fix Everything, The Problem with Being Slightly Heroic, and Out of the Way! Out of the Way!

"Working with Sarah and Barbara was inspiring, joyful, collaborative, creative and effective. With their expertise and talent, our book received reviews on targeted blogs and in newsletters; will be profiled in several large magazines, as well as listed in upcoming holiday gift guides and on recommended reading lists. Not bad for a book that had already been out for two years!"

Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery
Authors, Two Bobbies
kirbylarson.com    marynethery.com

"Barb and Sarah have made all the difference in getting my novel noticed by guiding me through a five-week blog tour, managing publicity around my book signings, coordinating a giveaway on SLJ Teen and a blurb in PW Children’s Bookshelf, among others. I’m convinced that Faithful has thrived in a crowded marketplace due to Barb’s and Sarah’s efforts; I can’t imagine trying to navigate the rough seas of marketing and publicity without Blue Slip. They truly are delightful and classy professionals with whom I hope to have a long relationship – I already know that for my part it will be a happy one."

Janet S. Fox
Author, Faithful, Forgiven, and Sirens

“These guys do really wonderful work. Work I'd never ever ever do on my own.”

Ron Koertge
Author, Shakespeare Makes the Playoffs and Lies, Knives, and Girls in Red Dresses

"Individually, Barb and Sarah are super-smart, professional, and refreshingly real. But together, Barb and Sarah are, like all great duos, completely sublime."

Marla Frazee
Author & Illustrator, A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever

"I have worked with Barb and Sarah for nearly two decades and here's what I know: They are a double dynamo who leave everyone they work with wishing for more of their company, their professionalism, and their good results. They have helped launch all of my books and have garnered attention in every kind of media. They do this through their talent for relationship building, which is like gold in this business. Hire them but please let me get in line first!"

Debra Frasier
Author & Illustrator, On the Day You Were Born

"I worked with Barb and Sarah for fifteen years and they are, simply, as good as it gets with this kind of thing."

Bruce Coville
Author, Odder Than Ever and Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher 

“Barb and Sarah are The Bomb! They have the contacts and the context to connect authors with meaningful media that translates into notice, and they understand the importance of creating a wide range of useful contacts over the lifetime of a project and/or the lifetime of an author's work. They are the secret weapons to have in one's pocket, on the road to getting the word out, getting the book noticed, and getting the excitement going. They are, simply, THE BEST.”

Deborah Wiles
Author, Each Little Bird That Sings and Love, Ruby Lavender