I’m an author and my book is coming out tomorrow/next week/next month! Can you help me promote it?

Thanks so much for thinking of us! Unfortunately, we need more time to plan ahead for marketing and publicity campaigns, and our schedule is often booked 6 months or more in advance of publication. You’re welcome to contact us, but know that chances are slim that we can be effective in getting media coverage for your book without more of a heads up.

I’d like you to help me get my book published.

We can’t help get the book published, but once it’s signed up, please do get in touch! We recommend joining an organization such as the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, where you can find a wealth of information as well as opportunities to find peers who can mentor you in the publication process.

I’ve written a book and have published it myself.  What services do you offer for independently published authors?

Unfortunately, we haven’t worked with independently published authors enough to merit a clear answer. We recommend you seek a publicity firm with more experience in this area. We just don’t have the contacts you need.

I’d love to get on the “Today” show/NPR to talk about my book. Can you help make that happen?

We’d love to get you on the “Today” show or NPR, too! However, the percentage of books that find their way onto these forums are the tiniest fraction of what’s being published. There are many factors that contribute to a media appearance like this--most importantly, the book has to have an impact on the right person at the right time with the right subject. All the pitch letters and phone calls in the world won’t make a producer want to pick up your book if it doesn’t have this magical combination, and even then, news events quite often supercede any stories about a book or an author. If this is your most ardent goal for your book’s publicity, then chances are we aren’t the best fit for your needs. We can’t guarantee your book will get picked up by these key venues (and be leery of any publicist who promises it will).

BUT, that being said, we’ve found there are many other, much more rewarding, ways to market and publicize your book. Pitching to NPR and “Today” can be part of a campaign, but we wouldn’t recommend putting all your publicity eggs in that basket. We’re happy to chat about an overall plan that can target many areas.

We'd love to hear your thoughts and goals for your book and see if we can help you reach them. If we haven't scared you off with these FAQ answers, do shoot us an email or use the "Contact Us" page to get in touch.