Into the Clouds

by Tod Olson

Stealing Mt. Rushmore

by Daphne Kalmar

Judge Juliette

by Laura Gehl,

illustrated by Mari Lobo

The Truth About Dragons

by Jaime Zollars

We are so proud to be working with these amazing authors and illustrators!

Kat and Juju

by Kataneh Vahdani

The Ninja Club Sleepover

by Laura Gehl,

illustrated by Mackenzie Haley

Dan Unmasked

by Chris Negron

Bo-Bo's Cave of Gold

by Pam Berkman and Dorothy Hearst

illustrated by Claire Powell

Lulu the One and Only

by Lynnette Mawhinney,

illustrated by Jennie Poh

Nacho's Nachos

by Sandra Nickel,

illustrated by Oliver Dominguez

May Saves the Day

by Laura Gehl,

illustrated by Serena Lombardo

Tiny Bird

by Robert Burleigh,

illustrated by Wendell Minor


by Monica Brown,

illustrated by Elisa Chavarri

All Except Axle

by Sue Lowell Gallion,

illustrated by Lisa Manuzak Wiley

Happy Llamakkah!

by Laura Gehl,

illustrated by Lydia Nichols

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