Current Campaigns


by Peter Bunzl

This Moment Is Your Life

by Mariam Gates

Mrs. Claus Takes the Reins

by Sue Fliess,

illustrated by Mark Chambers


by Leslie Margolis

We are so proud to be working with these amazing authors and illustrators!

Tough Cookie 

by Edward Hemingway

Journey of the Pale Bear

by Susan Fletcher

It's Not Hansel and Gretel

by Josh Funk,

illustrated by Edwardian Taylor

Beep and Bob: Double Trouble

by Jonathan Roth

Lost in the Antarctic

by Tod Olson

We Are (Not) Friends

by Anna Kang,

illustrated by Christopher Weyant

Beep and Bob: Take Us to

Your Sugar

by Jonathan Roth

Vacation for Dexter!

by Lindsay Ward

First Snow

by Nancy Viau,

illustrated by Talitha Shipman

Waiting for Pumpsie

by Barry Wittenstein,

illustrated by London Ladd