Once Upon a Camel

by Kathi Appelt, 

illustrated by Eric Rohmann

Robin Robin

by Dan Ojari and Mikey Please, 

illustrated by Briony May Smith

Breaking Through the Clouds: The Sometimes Turbulent Life of Meteorologist Joanne Simpson

by Sandra Nickel,

illustrated by Helena Perez Garcia

Ablaze with Color: A Story of Painter Alma Thomas

by Jeanne Walker Harvey,

illustrated by Loveis Wise

Pug & Pig and Friends

by Sue Lowell Gallion, 

illustrated by Joyce Wan

Current Campaigns

Gitty and Kvetch

by Caroline Kusin Pritchard,

illustrated by Ariel Landy

Tips for Magicians

by Celesta Rimington

We are so proud to be working with these amazing authors and illustrators!


by Diana Farid

Horace & Bunwinkle: The Case of the Rascally Raccoon

by P.J. Gardner, 

illustrated by David Mottram

Susie B. Won't Back Down

by Margaret Finnegan

Mister Fairy

by Morgane de Cadier, 

illustrated by Florian Pige

Layla and the Bots: Making Waves

by Vicky Fang,

illustrated by Christine Nishiyama

Before We Sleep

by Giorgio Volpe, 

illustrated by Paolo Proiette

Carry Me Home

by Janet Fox

Who Is a Scientist?

by Laura Gehl

Cat & Dog

by Tullio Corda

The Secret of the Magic Pearl

by Elisa Sabatinelli, 

illustrated by Iacopo Bruno

Threads of Peace

by Uma Krishnaswami