by Francisco X. Stork

Peep and Egg: I'm Not Taking a Bath​​ by Laura Gehl, illustrated by Joyce Wan

Animal Planet Adventures 

Puppy Rescue Riddle

by Catherine Nichols

Space Boy and the Snow Monster

by Dian Curtis Regan,

illustrated by Robert Neubecker

Current Campaigns

Maya Lin: Artist-Architect of Light and Lines

by Jeanne Walker Harvey,

illustrated by Dow Phumiruk 

Aliens Get the Sniffles, Too!

by Katy S. Duffield,

illustrated by K. G. Campbell

Things That Surprise You

by Jennifer Maschari

We are so proud to be working with these amazing authors and illustrators!

Christmas in Cooperstown 

by David A. Kelly,

illustrated by Mike Meyers

Earth! My First 4.54 Billion Years

by  Stacy McAnulty,

illustrated by David Litchfield

The Adventures of Henry Whiskers: The Long Way Home

by  Gigi Priebe

Beulah Land

by Nancy Stewart

Pug and Pig Trick or Treat

by Sue Lowell Gallion,

illustrated by Joyce Wan

I Am Famous

by Tara Luebbe and Becky Cattie,

illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff

Listen: How Pete Seeger Got America Singing

by Leda Schubert,

illustrated by Raul Colon

Sports Illustrated Kids

The Football Fanbook 

by Gary Gramling

The Boo-Boos That Changed the World

by Barry Wittenstein, illus by Chris Hsu